Official Kit Partners

Appin Sports has been announced as the official kit supplier for the Fat Fives Football League, providing custom-designed football kits tailored to the league's needs. Known for their high-quality, breathable, and performance-driven fabrics, Appin Sports ensures that players are equipped with top-tier gear to enhance their on-field performance. This partnership highlights Appin Sports' commitment to supporting grassroots football and promoting team unity through bespoke sportswear solutions​ (Appin Sports)​.

Facilities Partners

Goals has been named the official facilities partner for the Fat Fives Football League, enhancing the league's playing environment with its top-notch amenities. Goals' facilities include state-of-the-art ProTurf pitches, equipped with LED floodlights to ensure high-quality gameplay regardless of the time or weather. Their venues also offer modern changing rooms, spacious clubhouses with sports lounges, and on-site cafes, creating a comprehensive and professional football experience for all participants. This partnership underscores Goals' commitment to fostering community football with premium facilities​ (Goals Football)​.

Become a Partner

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