Our History

Welcome to Fat Fives Football

Fat Fives Football was created from the ashes of a previous football league based in Aberdeen for men looking to lose weight, get fit and have fun playing football. We are a member-driven league that focuses on supporting our players in their weight loss and fitness journeys. We play our league matches weekly and play multiple 20-25-minute games per week.

Our weigh-in sessions happen before games kick off, and we work on a “no weigh, no play” policy and a “no play, no pay” policy. We don't charge our members for matches they don't participate in meaning we are a cost-effective alternative to membership-based fitness programmes. We provide all our services on a siple £5 per weekly session cost with a goal to keep our running costs as minimal as possible to ensure our league is affordable as possible for our players.

Our goal is to provide high-quality competitive football whilst supporting our players to achieve life-changing weight loss and health improvements. Our commitment to our members is to establish and maintain a local community of like-minded players and to oversee the management of facilities and equipment to play. All we ask from our members is to ensure they pay prior to the first weekly match kicks off, they are respectful on the pitch at all times and are committed to their weight loss efforts.

Since early 2023 we have maintained our impressive record of members consistently losing weight and a high retention rate of members in our league. Both of these aspects plus our players' fantastic commitment to supporting each other has made our league one of the fastest growing in the North East of Scotland.

Club History

April 2023

League Established

From the ashes of a previous league, Fat Fives Football is founded with the first group of members establishing our first 3 teams: Scrandinavia, Flaberdeen, Parmesan Belgrade

July 2023

Season 1 Complete

We completed our inaugural season and celebrated the first winners of our team league tin results and weight loss and individuals awards for outstanding member participation in season 1

September 2023

Leage Expansion

Completion of Season 2 saw the league expand to accommodate 4 teams and expanded our membership to 40 members.

July 2023

Season 3 Completed

Completion of Season 3 welcomed new league winners in OB City and concluded our first calendar year as a league

January 2024

Further Expansion

New Year, new teams, new players. Our member numbers surpassed 60+ members and the league welcomed two new teams taking the total amount to 6 teams.

Febuary 2024

Media Coverage

Local leading newspapers Press & Journal and Evening Express run a double 2-page spread across both print media papers and a combined online article about the league charting our members individual success stories.

May 2024

Season 4 concluded

Completion of Season 4 with Rapid Viennetta being crowned as League ad Weight Loss champions to mark the 1 year anniversity since the foundation of Fat Fives Football.